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Return to Arkham and experience two of the most critically acclaimed titles of the last generation – Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City, with fully remastered and updated visuals. Batman: Return to Arkham includes the comprehensive versions of both games and includes all previously released additional content.

Batman: Arkham Asylum exposes players to a dark and atmospheric adventure that takes them into the depths of Arkham Asylum – Gotham City’s high security psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane. Use Batman’s legendary gadgetry, strike from the shadows, and confront The Joker and Gotham City’s most notorious super villains.

Batman: Arkham City sends players soaring into Arkham City – a heavily fortified sprawling district in the heart of Gotham City. Batman: Arkham City introduces a brand-new story that draws together an all-star cast of classic characters and murderous villains from the Batman universe.


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Batman: Return to Arkham for PS4 takes players on a fear-filled journey into the dark heart of Arkham Asylum – Gotham’s psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane – and into Arkham City in two remastered adventures.

In Arkham Asylum, Batman accompanies a captured Joker as he’s committed to the mental health institute, but Batman senses something isn’t quite right and soon the Clown Prince of Crime is free, as are the rest of the criminals locked away in the asylum.

In Arkham City, Batman has free rein over a section of Gotham itself, now a walled prison run by Hugo Strange. This second adventure is full of Batman’s most deadly foes.

Both games are remastered for current-generation consoles, so Batman has never looked better. Running at 1080p and 60 frames per second, this package delivers an even more believable bat-fantasy.

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The Batman: Arkham games are third-person action games that blend Batman’s fighting and stealth abilities, detective skills and gadgets for combat and exploration. Don the iconic cowl and work your way through the prison and the city, all while avoiding Joker’s traps. Use your mastery of stealth and clever cunning to get the unseen drop on armed enemies, using Batman’s Detective Vision to see them through walls, X-ray style, to plan your moves around the Asylum and the City’s many hidden vents and passageways.
Set explosive gel on weakened walls, pull enemies over railings, descend from gargoyle statues and hang them up by their legs as a warning to other criminals. Your arsenal is varied and your punches are deadly – Batman: Arkham’s combat mechanics allow for freeflow moves unlike any other game.

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In open combat, Batman: Arkham’s Freeflow fighting system makes you feel like a true Dark Knight, chaining together brutal strikes as Batman switches between multiple enemies. Use Batman’s enhanced reflexes to catch enemy strikes as they’re thrown, turning them into attacks of your own with a simple button press. Upgrade Batman’s skills with a deep RPG system that lets you purchase new moves and abilities by earning experience in combat, and watch as Batman’s utility belt fills up with gadgets as the adventure moves on, allowing you to get to previously unreachable places in the Batman: Arkham game.

Bat’s not all
Batman: Return to Arkham on Playstation 4 features four extra Challenge Maps previously released as downloadable content (DLC) for Arkham Asylum. The additional Challenge Maps are Crime Alley, Scarecrow Nightmare, Totally Insane and Nocturnal Hunter. You can also play as Batman’s nemesis, The Joker, in various Challenge Maps. Additionally, Arkham City comes bundled with all its DLC, from the playable Catwoman sections to all of Batman’s suits, unlockable by entering a cheat code on the menu screen or by completing the game.

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